Woodbridge Freestanding Acrylic Bathtubs

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WoodBridge is famed all over America for its superb quality kitchen and bathroom products. Since the debut of the company in 2005, it has gained tremendous appreciation for designing multiple bathroom accessories like bathtubs, Shower doors, Tile-able Shower bases, Acrylic shower pan and Faucets. The company has seen an ever-rising clientele network since its inception that is the result of its long-standing commitment with its pledge of providing its customers with premium quality products. Woodbridge�s bathtubs, in special, are famous for their best functionality and durability. There are several attractive features of Woodbridge bathtubs that will make you loyal fan of them.

The best part of Woodbridge bathtubs is that they are available in an extensive range of models. Each model has its own specifications to cater to the needs of a variety of individuals. You have several options in size, capacity and price in Woodbridge bathtubs to match perfectly with your requirements. Overall, their designs, craftsmanship and excellent technological innovation surpass all competitor products. They are built to impart you a luxurious and rich bathing experience and are meant to ensure you ultra-comfort and satisfaction.

Comparison Chart

It is quite difficult to designate only a few bathtubs from the immense range offered by Woodbridge. However, for your reference we provide you with the following comparison chart containing the most prominent bathtubs. They are best liked bathtubs on account of their unparalleled features and sturdy material. For detailed reviews of Woodbridge bathtubs, it is advisable to visit the website of the company.




Woodbridge B0012 / BTA1506

59 " L x 29 1/2" W x 21 5/8 " D
55 Gallons


66 1/2" L x 31 7/8" W x 22 7/8" H
60 Gallons

B-1807 Acrylic BTA1807-B
Bathtub Black

54" L x 28 3/8" W x 28 7/8" D
55 Gallons

B-0013 / BTA1513

67" L x 31 1/2" W x 22 4/5" D
60 Gallons

Woodbridge B-0006 White 54"

54 x 29 x 29 inches
55 Gallons

Woodbridge B-0030 Bathtub White

66-1/2? Long x 31-7/8? Wide x 22-7/8?

Unparalleled Features

Tough and Durable Construction

WoodBridge�s professional designers and engineers have employed their best potential for creating their bathtubs in contemporary styling. These classic bathtubs boast of worth-appreciating ergonomic design forms that match perfectly with your body size and multiply your experience of enjoying a cozy and refreshing bath, allowing you full body immersion. They feature durable acrylic construction double walled design that ensures the tubs optimum insulation and warmth.

The fine and sturdy material of Woodbridge bathtubs is the hallmark of the company. You can hardly find more enduring and reliable parts by other manufacturers as these finest bathtubs offer you. They are supportive of enduring boiled hot water without any issue. Their texture is further protected with fiberglass which makes them sturdy and reliable.

Scratch and Stain Resistant

Like any homeowner, you will certainly like your bathtubs remain scratch-free and glossy for a longer period of time. Woodbridge bathtubs meet this criterion due to their special material that is both scratch and stain resistant. It also saves the tubs from fading and dulling rather the tubs retain their original forms without needing any special care.

Stylish and Trendy Look

Their glossy white color make them perfectly fit with the interior of your bathroom and give a sparkly attractive look. Moreover, they are exceedingly fantastic in utility as they are excellent in storing heat and thus keep water warm for a longer time than ordinary bathtubs.

Pre-installed Overflow & Drain

Most of the bathtubs come without a proper system of disposing off the excessive water, when the bathtub is filled. This may cause you embarrassment of cleaning the floor when the water pops up on it. There is no such scene with Woodbridge bathtubs. These tubs have been designed with a superb quality brushed nickel integrated overflow and drain system which never make the floor wet.

Anti-odor Design

Woodbridge bathtubs are designed with v-cup shape drain part which effectively stops stinky smell and odor from sewage pipe. It also prevents backflow from ground drain pipe; hence the tub is always safe from bugs and bacteria. You enjoy each bath with great comfort without the fear of harmful germs and bad odor.

Easy Installation

The high quality flexible tube drain of Woodbridge�s bathtubs makes the installation easier. You can also consult the installation manual that comes with each product, if you don�t want any assistance. The manual contains step-by-step instructions supported with illustrations. However, if you want any technical assistance for installation, contact Woodbridge Customer Service through email or fax or place a phone call. You will have a prompt response and your problem will be addressed immediately.

Easy to Maintain

WoodBridge bathtubs are immensely easier to install and clean. They come with hidden adjustable legs that ensure them perfect balance on the bath floor. You can easily place them without needing any technical assistance. The bottom of these tubs have stainless steel bracket to drain water. Additionally, these bathtubs feature solid brass brushed nickel drain, stainless steel brushed nickel overflow. They reduce the possibility of water leakage to zero. Thus their anti-leak design, drain & pipe system keep you always tension-free. A little care is enough to maintain them as new for a considerable long period of time and thus saving money.


With the help of their excellent finish, their high-gloss remains intact for a long period of time. This is an incomparable feature that makes these bathtubs really unique. The sturdiness and functionality of Woodbridge bathtubs are further proven by the certifications they have received from the most authentic organisations such as the UPC & the CSA. Moreover, each of Woodbridge bathtubs come with 1 year limited warranty on the plumbing parts whereas the company provides 5 year limited warranty on the surface and structural parts of the bathtubs.